As could have probably been predicted in the wake of the new DS rumours, Nintendo has reacted in its typical fashion by skirting around the issue with a vague neither here-nor-there answer.

The response the company has managed to put together is: "We are always developing new products. However, since nothing has been announced officially, we are unable to comment at this time."

As we said, we weren't really expecting anything more, but it's still disappointing to not get any confirmation on the rumours. These say that the new DS will feature a built-in camera, music playback, enahnced Wi-Fi capability and larger screens, and could be available before the end of 2008.

However, there are also no guarantees that if these rumours do turn out to be true, that this incarnation of the DS will get a release outside of Japan.

Still, speculate as we may, it seems we certainly won't get a peep out of Nintendo until it is ready to make an official announcement.