If you've not been able to choose between Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but can't afford to fork out for the guitar peripherals for both, ezGear's new ezJam Combo Guitar Controller for Nintendo Wii should solve your problem.

The ezJam Combo Guitar Controller is the first guitar controller for Wii that will work with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It has all the features needed for both games, which includes the upgraded ezSpring chrome strum bar and chrome whammy bar, a fine tuned multi-axis tilt sensor and ezGear's standard Supra10 ten fret feature.

With DC2 Dual Connect Technology, the ezJam guitar will work with a number of music games including Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Rock Band 1, as well as the new Guitar Hero IV World Tour and Rock Band 2.

This works via two wireless interface modules - one for each game. The DC2 interface for Guitar Hero is through the standard Wiimote. A compartment in the back of the guitar houses connections for the Wiimote. The DC2 interface for Rock Band on the other hand is a wireless transmitter built into the guitar, which communicates with a transmitter plugged into your Wii. As for switching between the two, it is easily done by pushing a slider button on the side of the guitar.

The ezJam Combo Guitar Controller for Wii will be available in the States from early October 2008 with a $69.99 price tag (around £35). There's no details of UK release date or price yet, but if it's anything close to the pricing in America, that'll certainly be a worthwhile saving.