If you've bought into the Wii Fit craze, then Thrustmaster have created some fitness accessory packs that help you really make the most of your game.

There are two packs - the T-Fitness Pack and the T-Fitness Pack Pro.

The basic pack comes with six things. Firstly, a green, grey and white sports bag to hold your Balance Board - we're sure that's to make it look nice when it's stashed at the side of your TV rather than to take it over to your mate's house, but you never know.

It also comes with two wrists bands, matching the bag in green of white of course, a necklace to hold your MP3 player, a Balance Board cleaning cloth, rechargable battery pack and USB charging cable.

The Pro pack however, comes with everything in the regular pack plus a few additions. Firstly, the wrist bands come with 0.5kg weights in them to make you work that little bit harder, and there is also the addition of a green Latex stabilising exercise mat and a head sweatband, so you can really look the part.

The regular T-Fitness Pack will be available at the end of August, for £19.99, while the Fitness Pro Pack will set you back £29.99 and will be available mid-October.