Thrustmaster has announced a new line-up of Wii weaponary with the idea of making Wii gaming more fun, as well as more practical.

Firstly the Glow Sabers duo pack is perfect for those Star Wars fans who have dreamt of duelling with the films' famous light sabers. They attach onto the end of the Wiimote and feature a 17 LED lighting system - one in blue and one in red. Great for adding a bit of realism to the light saber battles in current and upcoming Star Wars games.

You'll need 3 AAA batteries to get going - the pack launches mid-September and will cost £24.99.

The second product is the Dual Trigger Gun that offers a double trigger mechanism - with trigger 1 activating the B button on the Wiimote, and trigger 2 activating the A button - making shooting games a lot easier to handle on the Wii.

The Dual Trigger Gun also benefits from a Nunchuk rest on one side of the gun which allows you to keep a stable shooting position. This part is detachable and can be removed with games that don't require the Nunchuk.

The Dual Trigger Gun also launches at the end of September at a price of £12.99