Those crazy boys from Jackass have already been successful moving from the small screen to the big screen - and now they're making their debut on the even smaller screen of the Nintendo DS in a new game from Empire Interactive.

Jackass the Game will give players the ability to take on the roles of Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and other Jackass favourites as you carry out the type of crazy stunts you will have no doubt seen them perform on the TV show.

You take on the role of the new intern at Dickhouse Productions and your job is to do whatever the Jackass crew wants you to do, quite frankly. The game takes place in Mianus (Jackass fans will get the reference from the series) and you and your crew will have to explore the five parts of the city, doing stunts, pranks and tricks as you go.

You'll be able to get the game on 19th September, although there's no word on pricing as yet.