Nintendo has sold nearly 30 million Wii consoles worldwide since the unit was released back in late 2006.

Q1 financial results for the company show that for the three months prior to 30th June 2008, Nintendo sold 5.1m Wii consoles worldwide – that's up from the 3.4m units sold in the same period last year.

In total, 29.7m Wii units have flown off of shop shelves in under two years.

And with all those consoles being sold, there's no shock that the company manage to shift a whole load of video games too. Mario Kart sold 6.42m copies alone in the three months of Q1, with Wii Fit also selling a very respectable 3.42million worldwide.

Nintendo's net profit for Q1 was ¥107.2bn (around £500m), an increase of 34% on last year’s figures, while total sales were up by 24%. £500 million net profit in three months? We like those figures.

It seems to be good news all round for the console giants at the moment, with Sony releasing it's Q1 figures showing that PS3 sales had more than doubled compared to this time last year.