A new music-based game is coming to the Wii, but there's no singing or dancing around required. Good news for a lot of you, we're sure.

Battle of the Bands is a music rhythm game that is exclusive to Nintendo Wii.

Set in a ficticious world gone mad, bands battle for music supremacy - literally - by using instruments as weapons.

There are 30 licensed tracks from five different music genres, including rock, country, marching band, hip hop and ranchero - the better you are, the longer your music plays.

In each game, a song will be played in one genre for about 10 to 15
seconds and then another, flipping back and forth depending on which player is doing better.

Points are earned by beat-matching, and successive matches will automatically launch one of 70 quirky weapons and attacks such as smoke bomb, land mine and flip out.

You can play the game in versus mode or go it alone, battling different genres until you are the last band standing. See what we did there?

The game is set for release this month, keep your eyes peeled for a review coming very soon.