Activision is developing a new title in the Pitfall franchise exclusively for Nintendo Wii.

Pitfall: The Big Adventure is being developed at Edge of Reality and is schduled for release in the Autumn.

Activision are hoping to bring the success of Pitfall titles, which have sold more then 10 million to date, to a new generation of gamers.

"Pitfall is one of the most legendary franchises in the history of videogames, so we look forward to releasing a new version exclusively for Wii", said Dave Oxford from Activision Publishing.

"What could be more fun than using the Wii Remote to swing on a vine over blood thirsty crocodiles as retro-cool Pitfall Harry?!"

Set in the Peruvian jungle, Pitfall: The Big Adventure will part action game, part clever puzzles.

You'll have over 60 levels to get through, in which you will have to explore cavernous jungles, discover lost treasures, battle shamen, narrowly escape treacherous traps and outwit creatures - all using innovative, accessible game mechanics developed specifically to take advantage of the Wii motion sensing controls.

"Wii is a natural and perfect fit for a Pitfall game, and it’s been fantastic to revolutionize this classic franchise through the application of the innovative Wii game mechanics", said Binu Philip, President, Edge of Reality.

"It’s a completely new experience for the gamer."

Look out for more updates on the release on Activision's website.