If you ever wanted to be a vet but gave up when you realised either - (a) you aren't too happy with the sight of blood (b) 6 years of vet school sounds too much like hard work, or (c) you don't actually know the difference between a liver and a kidney - then leave the scapels to the pros, and pick up your Wiimote instead.

Yes indeed, the popular DS game Zoo Hospital has just been announced for the Wii.

As a recent vet school graduate, you must help your Aunt Lucy heal a myriad of exotic animals and save the once world-famous Zoo Hospital from a businessman's bulldozer by attracting more visitors.

Players use the Wii remote to perform surgical procedures and dentistry, X-ray organs and remove foreign bodies.

You will be working to restore the health of 48 ailing zoo animals, including dolphins, gorillas, macaws and camels. And don't think the operation is the end of it.

Soothing, feeding and visiting your patients post-op is all part of it too, as happy animals mean a higher zoo performace, and therefore more customers.

Keep working on the zoo score to unlock new animals, enclosures and mini games.

The game is expected to launch in PAL territories by the end of the year.