Anyone holding out hope of a Wii port for the next Prince of Persia title will be waiting a long time. Well actually, more like forever.

The new chapter in the Prince of Persia games was recently announced for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 with a special game being developed for the DS.

But in a recent interview with Edge Magazine, developer Ubisoft confirms neither of the new games will ever make it to Wii.

However, to soften the blow for POP/Wii fans, the firm did mention the possible return of the game to the little white box in the future.

Ubisoft explained: "We ported Two Thrones to the Wii. It was a quick and dirty port, I can say. With that we saw a lot of potential. The controls were not fully optimised, did not take full advantage of the Wii, but a lot of people saw the POP universe could certainly have a home on Wii.

"Since then people have been looking into that, but there's no formal announcement. We are investigating it very seriously. You would never see a port of the game we’re making however. That’ll never happen."

So will we ever see the Prince back on the Wii? It seems we'll all just have to wait and see.