A report from DFC Intelligence has suggested that "Nintendo will be the leader in Europe over the next few years".

The game industry research company suggested that Nintendo is now beginning to emulate the earlier strengths Sony had in the European market (it once held 80% of market share with PS2) by following a mass market design philosophy.

Talking of this success, the report states: "In 2007 sales of the Nintendo DS in Europe nearly doubled and the installed base soared past the 20 million mark. Meanwhile, the supply constrained Wii managed to pass the Xbox 360".

"DFC Intelligence is now forecasting that over the next few years Nintendo's systems will supplant Sony's systems as the leader in most major European markets".

"More significantly, DFC Intelligence now forecasts that, over the next five years, sales of the Wii will outpace both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3."

DFC believes that as European PS2 owners begin to think about looking for newer consoles, Wii's interface, low cost and mass appeal market will make it their first choice.

As far as its competitors, DFC believes the PS3 may gain a lot of ground in time, but that the Xbox 360 will have a tough time on the continent. That is of course apart from in the UK. Our love for a good shoot-em-up game, an area in which the Xbox 360 "is clearly the leader", will keep the demand up here.