Capcom has announced that Okami for Wii will be released across Europe in June.

The Wii version of the PS2 game has been out in the States for a while, and although there has been disagreement over the Wii-specific additions, the reviews have been overall positive.

In short, Okami is an action-adventure game in which you guide the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu, who takes the form of a white wolf, on a journey to restore a broken world into a beautiful place full of life and colour.

Commanding the elements and various magical abilities, players uses Okami's signature "Celestial Brush" to revitalise life and defeat the tyrannical and destructive monster Orochi, effectively "painting" on the screen with the Wii Remote. No art experience required.

The Wii version features impressive widescreen 480p visuals and a number of new motion controls, which should add some extra control compared the PS2 version.

Keep your eye out for it from 13 June.