Wii Sports has pipped retro favourite Super Mario Bros. as the best-selling game of all time.

In a list of worldwide sales put together by VGChartz, Wii Sports has apparently sold 40.52 million units (including bundle sales), while Super Mario Bros. sits at second place with 40.24 million sold

With Wii consoles still selling marvellously, it is thought Wii Sports will break the 50 million mark while it is in the top spot.

Unlucky Mario - still it's been a good run at the top, considering it was released over 15 years ago.

The top 10 best-selling games, and their sales figures, are below. And rather interestingly, they're all Nintendo games. Well done Nintendo, someone must know what they're doing.

1. Wii Sports, Wii - 40.52m
2. Super Mario Bros, SNES - 40.24m
3. Pokemon Red / Green / Blue, GameBoy - 31.38m
4. Tetris, GameBoy - 30.26m
5. Duck Hunt, NES - 28.31m
6. Pokemon Gold / Silver, GameBoy - 23.11m
7. Nintendogs, DS - 21.37m
8. Super Mario World, SNES - 20.61m
9. Wii Play, Wii - 19.68m
10. Super Mario Land, GameBoy - 18.14m
Also, I have no idea why CliffyB (The Blaznats!) is playing Wii Sports in that picture.