The Wii Fit is the must-have gift for Christmas - if internet searches are anything to go by.

According to Hitwise, the internet traffic monitoring service, Nintendo's Wii Fit is currently the most searched-for product by UK internet shoppers in the run-up to Christmas, suggesting parents are keen to make sure that their kids get exercise while playing games.

"During October there were more UK internet searches for Wii Fit than the Nintendo Wii, the most popular product last Christmas", says Robin Goad, research director of Hitwise in a blog post.

According to Goad, "The popularity of Nintendo’s Wii Fit, which accounted for one in six searches for a video game during October, has helped online searches for video games overtake those for consoles in the run-up to Christmas. Judging by the search data, it looks as if the current generation of consoles - the Wii, Playstation 3 and XBox 360 - have started to mature".

The top 10 in full:

1. Wii Fit
2. Nintendo Wii
3. Apple iPhone
4. Nokia N96
5. Apple iPod
6. Sony PS3
7. Microsoft Xbox 360
8. Apple iPod touch
9. Apple iPod nano
10. Nintendo DS