It's styled to look as sleek and shiny as the Nintendo Wii, is compact at 255 x 90 x 214mm, and, most importantly, has a short throw distance.

In fact, the MP512ST from BenQ will project a 55-inch or 140-centimetre image from just a metre away, so is suitable for a small room.

But this machine is really aimed at gamers, with its £429.99 (ex VAT) price tag, and two integrated 5-watt stereo speakers.

It also offers HDMI connectivity, 2200 ANSI lumens brightness, a 2500:1 contrast ratio, and SVGA resolution (800 x 600).

Says BenQ: "For home entertainment and gaming, the MP512ST lets people move about freely without interfering with the image being displayed, a benefit that is especially evident when playing interactive gaming systems such as Wii".

But the short throw distance also means it's good for movie viewing as someone getting up in the room won't disturb the picture.

Also worth a mention is the included Wall Colour Correction Technology which means that you can project onto non-white ones – as a projection screen.

There's also a Quick Cooling function, so users don't have to wait for the projector to cool, before packing it up.

It comes with a quick start guide, manual CD, remote control battery, VGA cable and power cord.