Nintendo has announced at least a temporary solution to the Nintendo Wii storage problem.

Big boss Satoru Iwata announced at the press conference today that gamers would be able to download software bought from WiiWare and Virtual Console directly to an SD card.

He also admitted that the console's "insufficient memory storage" was an issue the company had to address. Perhaps with the Wii HD maybe?

The new direct-to-SD feature will be available from Spring 2009, at least for gamers in Japan. There have been no announcements as yet for the rest of the world.

Another push from Ninty is to get more people using their consoles, both Wii and DS, to get online. To solve this, the company plans to launch special Wi-Fi adapters and offer an incentive of 500 points for all new users. No news on this outside of Japan either but we'll keep you updated with anything we get.