As speculation mounts over what we can expect from the Nintendo press conference tomorrow, more rumours over Nintendo hardware refuse to stop pouring in.

Reports say that Nintendo is hoping to release a high-definition version of its popular Wii console before 2011, and is currently in the process of showing the new hardware to developers and publishers.

Currently known as Wii HD, the console would be a successor to the current system, rather than simply a hardware refresh, and is thought will feature high-def visuals, a larger stoarage solution and backwards compatability.

As for dropping prices of Wii, analysts have predicted that the company is more likely to release Wii hardware bundles rather than cut the price of the console that currently is the market-leader across most territories.

"Nintendo has no need to cut the Wii's price,'' said Takashi Oka, of CSK Institute for Sustainability.

"If Nintendo cuts prices now, people who already bought the Wii will feel they've lost money. Nintendo won't do such a thing," he added.