The rumours were right, and Nintendo has revealed its next generation of the DS handheld games machine at a press event in Japan.

The new DSi looks very similar to the current version, but is slightly thinner, a matter of grams lighter and charges slightly quicker.

The main difference with the new version is the DSi will have two 3.25-inch screens (17% larger than the current model) and will get a 3-megapixel camera built-in.

Pictures taken with the DSi will be able to be saved down to SD card and then viewed on your television via the Wii.

To make room for this new feature, it seems the GBA cartridge slot is being done away with.

With a built-in browser, users can download games - "DSiWare" - via an online store and save them to SD too.

The audio has also been given a tweak, with the ability to adjust the pitch and playback of sound.

The DSi will launch in Japan on 1 November in white and black, for around the £100 mark, a European launch is said to be planned for Spring 2009.