Just over a week ago, we reported that sources outside Nintendo had hinted on a new DS design that would include dual touchscreen functionality and a slightly increased screen size.

Nintendo dismissed the internet talk as pure "rumour and speculation", and the general consensus was rather skeptical.

However, the buzz about it is refusing to die, and there is fresh information that suggests the new, or refreshed, DS will be available from April or May next year.

Not only that, but it has also been suggested that the screens will not just be slightly bigger, but increased to full widescreen aspect ratios.

Now comes the debate as to whether the new redesign will be simply that, or the "DS 2" and what about old games? The new dual touchscreen and widescreen size may be able to support them, simply stretching them and disabling the top touch display to play like the current DS. However, on top of this, the new functionality certainly would warrant its own new stock of titles to take full advantage of the new features.

As for it being the official DS2, many internet sources are unsure of this, simply because the release date doesn't match up with big events at which to announce it with enough time to launch a suitably sized marketing campaign.

Nintendo has already said there would be no new announcements in the remainder of 2008, so we may have to wait until next year until we get any idea as to whether these rumours are founded or not.

And as for the picture - don't get excited folks. It's just an idea of what the new DS might look like, courtesy of IGN.