Logitech has announced it is releasing its brand new Speed Force Wireless wheel for Nintendo Wii today for gamers looking for more than just a glorified circle.

The wheel, which is considerably more heavy duty than the Wii Wheel from Nintendo, aims, say Nintendo, to give users a more realistic driving experience while playing driving games on their Wii, by being the first force feedback wheel for the console.

It's officially licensed by Nintendo, so you know its the good stuff, and currently works with EA's Need for Speed Undercover.

The 2.4GHz wireless technology means you can be standing 30ft away from the console and still be able to play the game, although we reckon that might be a little tough on your eyes unless you've got a massive projector.

The wheel features a 200-degree rotation, built-in analogue gas and brake controls and the force feedback technology which will simulate all your bumps, crashes and loss of traction

The Speed Force Wireless wheel for Nintendo Wii is due out in November with a price tag of £59.99.