Sega is facing mounting pressure over its MadWorld game, over concerns that it is simply too violent for the Nintendo Wii.

British pressure group, Mediawatch-UK, fights for cleaner TV, games and movies, and it is arguing that the game could tarnish the Wii's reputation as a console suitable for the whole family.

Mediawatch-UK says the game, in particular, will "spoil the family fun image" of the Ninty console.

Mediawatch-UK director John Beyer told The Daily Mail: "I hope the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) will view this with concern and decide it should not be granted a classification."

He also told the tabloid: "What the rest of world does is up to them. We need to ensure that modern and civilised values take priority rather than killing and maiming people.

"It seems a shame that the game's manufacturer have decided to exclusively release this game on the Wii. I believe it will spoil the family fun image of the Wii."

MadWorld is out in 2009 so expect lots more controversy between then and now!