With just-released data coming in suggesting that Nintendo's Wii is the top-selling video game console in the United States with 10.9 million units shifted, we thought we'd reveal whether the Pocket-lint readership thinks the system is here to stay.

In the most recent Pocket-lint reader poll, we asked you: "Is the Nintendo Wii just a fad?" Results have now come in and it seems that just over half of you think that the Wii has the legs to make it long-term with 46% saying yes and 54% saying no.

Speaking at the E3 gaming event Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime spoke openly of the console being described by the F-word, stating: "...the word 'fad' is no longer operable".

With recent hardware announcements from Nintendo - including the WiiSpeak mic and and the MotionPlus add-on for more sensitive controllers - it could be argued that interest in the system will only grow.

As well as new peripherals, new games are incoming that will further appeal to that lucrative family market the Wii has done so well to develop and capture.

Wii Sports Resort, the follow up to the original Wii Sports launch title is due to expand that particular brand of fun while Wii Music should cash in on the recent success of instrument-themed console games in a uniquely Wii way.

Criticism may still be levelled at the Wii for not being aimed at, specced enough for, or boast the right titles for "proper" gamers, but it's hard to deny the current sales figures - although only time will tell if the same question needs to be asked this time next year...