Ubisoft has lifted the lid on a couple of new games for you animal lovers out there.

Firstly, the series that includes Dogz, Catz, and who could forget - Horsez looks set to expand. A trailer shown at Ubisoft's E3 press conference showed forthcoming instalments where you'll be able to raise your own little family of "Catz" and "Dogz" for those who aren't happy with just the one - and apparently monkeys are now next on the list. Because that's a logical progression.

Still, you'll be able to get your own little cheeky chappy on your DS, with Ubisoft even producing a range of cuddly monkey toys so you actually have a physical object to attach yourself too as well as a virtual one. Each toy will come with a unique code, that when inputted into their DS, will create your hairy little friend as if by magic. Brilliant.

Another ingenius invention by the guys at Ubisoft mentioned at the conference is an upcoming Wii title called Dog Sports. The whats, hows, whys, and maybe whens that are currently going around your head weren't answered at all, presumably to leave us wanting more. We're not sure we do actually.

Oh and while we're on the sports foot - Ubisoft also announced the first videogame brand focusing on "girls' sports". Because we're not capable to do normal ones, you know?

A video montage of girls doing cheerleading, gymnastics and horseriding followed. All a bit cliche if you ask me. The Ener-G range is coming to DS this autumn, beginning with Gym Rockets, Dance Squad and Adventure Riders. Lovely.

Have the developers at Ubisoft gone casual gaming mad?