Nintendo has revealed the follow up to the massively popular Wii Sports game that was originally bundled with the console - Wii Sports Resort.

Said to be a new collection of "fun sports games that anyone can pick up and play", it will be the first title to take advantage of Nintendo's just-announced MotionPlus accessory, that claims a more "responsive and realistic" experience that the current Wiimote.

Wii Sports Resort will take place on a tropical island. A wide range of activities will be included in the game from "Sword Play", "Power Cruising" (racing a water scooter) and "Disc Dog," which will involve accurately tossing a Frisbee to a cute, Mii-like dog.

The Wii MotionPlus accessory will be bundled with the Sports Resort game and the whole shebang will launch in the Spring of 2009.