Nintendo has taken the opportunity at E3 to spill the beans on its long-awaited Wii Music title.

Shigeru Miyamoto took to the stage during the Nintendo press conference to talk about the game, saying it had been designed alongside Wii Sports right back at "the beginning".

Miyamoto said Wii Music is designed for "everyone including people who can't read music and can't play real instruments".

The game will feature more the 60 instruments, including drums, guitar, saxophone and violin, all which will be playable via the Wiimote - the Balance Board can even be used as pedals for the drums too if you have it.

You don't have to follow rhythm guides or notes to play along, all you have to do is move you hands and body - strumming and drumming - as if you were playing the real thing, and the game will give you kudos based on what you do. Oh, and if you like a bit of improv, go ahead and jam out however you want to, the song is just a guideline.

Four people can play at once and you can even send your tunes to your mates over WiiConnect24 to get their opinion. The game features Mii support and somehow video support too so you can capture you performances on film - hopefully we'll get more about that later.

The game is due out before the year is up. It certainly sounds like a whole lot of fun that will certainly make you look stupid in the process. Where do we sign up?