As WiiWare - Nintendo's online store for downloadable games - gets going in the States, the European line-up has been announced for when the service goes live over here.

And it's not just the big guns that are getting a shot - smaller, European developers are proving important in the line-up too, something which Nintendo is pleased to see.

Kicking off on 20 May, Wii owners will be able to download titles such as Lost Winds from UK developer Frontier, Pirates: The Key of Dreams from Dutch company Oxygen Interactive, Toki Tori from Dutch developer Two Tribes and TV Show King from French Gameloft.

Other games will include Square Enix's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Nintendo-favourite Dr Mario, Pop from Australian developer Nnooo and Star Soldier R from Japanese developer Hudson Soft.

"Developers, no matter how big or small, will be able to create exciting new downloadable games to be sold through the Wii Shop Channel", said Nintendo in its official statement. "WiiWare will make it possible for smaller, creative titles to take centre stage."

Laurent Fischer, MD of marketing and PR of Nintendo of Europe added: "We are excited by the positive response we have received from third party developers to the announcement of WiiWare".

"We hope that this opportunity and the inspiration to produce original and exciting games will allow developers of all sizes to bring new concepts, genres and game play experiences to Wii."