Going on holiday to America and can't bear to be without your Wii? Book yourself in to a Westin Hotel and you won't have to be – and no, you don't have to lug it along with you either.

Nintendo of America has announced it will be supplying its popular console to the at least ten Westin hotels in the chain, specifically adapted to the hotels' needs.

The Wiis will come preloaded with a selection of games that can be updated automatically, with no game discs required.

Wii Sports, Big Brain Academy and Wii Play will be among the first preloaded software titles offered. In addition, Wii Fit will be added – complete with balance board - when it ships in the US on 19 May. The fitness aspects of the platform will feature in Westin's WestinWORKOUT exercise and fitness services.

Hotels in Bellevue and New York City have already had the Wiis introduced, with eight more to follow throughout May. These will include properties in LA, San Francisco, Toronto, Kansas City, St Louis, Houston and Savannah.

If the consoles get the big thumbs up from customers, the chain plans to extend its offering to more hotels in the future.