Friday 25 April sees the launch of the Nintendo Wii Fit game and balance board peripheral in the UK.

Hype aside, this new game set-up, that uses the motion sensing powers of Nintendo's newest console, is set to be an instant hit with many retailers, like selling out of pre-order stock in record time.

Since its launch in Japan on 1 December 2007, Wii Fit has already sold in excess of 1.4 million units to date, making it one of the fastest selling Wii titles in Japan.

If you've somehow missed the pre-amble to this new launch then Pocket-lint has got your back - see the links below to a full review of the new game, plus video of it in action that will bring you up to speed.

If you do know all about it then head to our Talk forum and let us know if you're going to get it and whether you think it will be a great tool for keeping fit, or just a bit of fun.

The Wii Fit will be on sale from today for £70 ... where it hasn't already sold out.