There are two romantic video game-themed proposal stories doing the rounds online right now - and you'll be happy to hear that both have happy endings.

CNN reports that programmer Bernie Peng reprogrammed his girlfriend Tammy Li's favorite game, "Bejeweled", so a ring and a marriage proposal would show up on the screen when she reached a certain score. Li reached the necessary score and said yes.

PopCap, the company that makes "Bejeweled" will be providing copies of "Bejeweled" to hand out as favours to the wedding guests.

"Most video game companies would frown on people manipulating their games", said Garth Chouteau, a spokesman for PopCap. "But it won him a woman. As a bunch of geeks, we have to say, 'Bernie, hats off to you'."

Kotaku tells off Brian Klima chose Super Smash Bros Brawl to pop the question to his girlfriend Allison by spelling out "marry me" on screen.

Brian says: "When she went to watch TV, the first image that appeared when the set powered on was my level. At first she asked, 'Oh, are you in the middle of a game?' But after she noticed the small box in my hand, and I insisted that she give the TV another look, she figured out what was going on".