This week sees the arrival of even more classic gaming history in your lounge, with Sega Master System titles hitting Virtual Console for the first time.

Launched in 1986, this was SEGA's first gen console and retro-gamers can now relive some 8-bit action with some old skool titles.

Kicking off the new line-up is platform game Wonder Boy, first released on the Master System in 1987. Originally an arcade favourite, this side-scroller sees players become Tom-Tom, a boy on a mission to rescue his girlfriend Tanya from an evil king.

For those seeking "madcap fun", take a journey into the surreal with the wacky shoot'em up Fantasy Zone, the Master System's 1987 space adventure sees players controlling a spaceship named Opa Opa and taking on some pretty strange intergalactic enemies.

As well as the new Sega-flavoured offerings, Virtual Console continues its collection of Commodore 64 classics with platform game Impossible Mission and sport-fest California Games.

This week's titles join the list of 201 classic titles already available for Virtual Console in Europe and each cost 500 Wii points.