Following the recent availability for the iPhone and iPod touch, the BBC has announced it is to make the iPlayer available for the Nintendo Wii.

Under the theme of "iPlayer in the living room" which will mean folk get to watch BBC on-demand programmes on their big-screen TV, rather than computer monitor, Auntie Beeb has reminded us all that we can hook up our hardware to our TVs via S-video output.

However, Nintendo Wii owners need not worry as they can now play BBC iPlayer programmes directly on their console, instructions on how-to from the BBC as follows:

"On your Wii, you'll first need to install the Internet Channel, which costs 500 Wii points, or approx £3.50. After you've installed the Internet Channel, browse to, find your favourite programme, and hit Play. The programme should play immediately."

There's no alternative to having to buy the Wii Internet Channel for iPlayer website access at this time, but the BBC says "later we hope to be able to get iPlayer on Wii without this purchase being needed".

The iPlayer on Wii service is still in beta, and will continue to be tweaked over the coming weeks to offer the best possible video quality.