Nintendo is to launch an internet phone accessory called Wii Chatter for its popular games console, the Nintendo Wii.

Although details are still sketchy, a source close to the new product has told Pocket-lint that a new version of the Wii Nunchuk will be coming out with a built-in microphone and receiver.

Users will be expected to hold the Nunchuk to their head like a regular handset while numbers will be dialled using the Wii Remote. Taking advantage of the motion sensor on board the Wii Remote, users will be able to either dial contacts via an onscreen menu or spell them out in the air.

The system will work in a similar way to Sony's PSP Go Messenger offering the chance for gamers to "chatter" with other gamers around the world, however go one step further by also allowing people to dial out to any phone around the world.

However, gamers looking to be able to "chatter" with friends while in-game will be disappointed, as our source says its unlikely this will be available in this version.

Our source at Nintendo has also said the company will be releasing a stand for the controllers similar to the first telephone stands used in the Victorian era.

The new chat controllers are expected to be available later in the year.

"It's good to chatter. And we plan to let gamers do that without asking them to buy yet another controller that can't be used as a regular controller", our source Miss April Fool said...