Activision has announced that it is to bring Guitar Hero to the Nintendo DS complete with a bolt-on fret accessory this summer.

Rock fans looking to strum their stuff to bands like Nirvana, OK Go and No Doubt will be able to plug in the Guitar Hero Guitar Grip peripheral that fits snugly into the DS as well as control the game using a unique Guitar Hero pick-stylus.

Specifically designed for the DS the game will include classic rock, alternative and pop favourites.

Fans can also join together to play co-op mode using a local wireless network, or battle each other in a Guitar Dual using new Battle Items unique to the DS platform.

Activision say that players will also be able to blow into the microphone to extinguish a pyrotechnics effects gone wrong, or use the touchscreen to autograph a crazed fan's shirt in the middle of their set.

Featuring five unlockable new venues, the game lets players personalize their experience by choosing the colour of their axe of choice, selecting to play as one of six characters - two of which are all new and exclusive to Guitar Hero: On Tour - and outfitting their guitarist in numerous styles.