THQ has announced that All Star Cheer Squad - due to be the first-ever cheerleading videogame - is currently in development to make its debut for Wii and Nintendo DS this autumn in the States.

Letting players "experience the world of competitive cheerleading", THQ says the release will mark their first game created specifically for girls on Wii and Nintendo DS.

"With the explosive growth of the girls gaming market in recent years due to the continued success of Wii and DS, our ongoing goal is to stay at the cutting edge of that success by bringing a brand new property for this segment to these popular systems", said Jim Huntley, director of global brand management, THQ.

"We're thrilled to introduce All Star Cheer Squad to the industry as a triple-a title that will get players involved in the action of what it takes to be an all star as well as make up their own unique cheer routines."

As well as the Wii balance board - due to be released as part of the forthcoming "Wii Fit" bundle for Nintendo - players will use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to perform "dozens" of real-world cheer and dance moves.

World-renowned cheerleading choreographer Tony G, apparently best known for his work in the Bring It On movies, has been signed as chief consultant for the game, so it's gonna be authentic stuff.