The US is soon to see the launch of the first third-party game developed around the Nintendo Wii's Balance Board device.

Namco's "We Ski" will support up to four players and features 23 ski runs.

As well as skiing, there's also a mountain to explore, complete with a ski school, freestyle skiing, moguls and slaloms, photography and other events.

According to Namco, players can even ski at night whilst enjoying a firework display.

A Namco spokesman said: "Not only can players carve through the trails using the motion-based controls but they can also mix in the Wii Balance Board for a whole new level of realism".

The Balance Board, which is being sold as part of the Wii Fit exercise game (£69.99), will be released in the UK on 25 April.

We Ski will be released in the US on 19 May, but there's no UK release plans as yet.