Nintendo has just announced that the estimated retail price for Wii Fit will be £69.99 in the UK and 89.99 euros in the rest of Europe.

Wii Fit is due to launch across Europe on 25 April 2007. Since its launch in Japan on 1 December 2007, Wii Fit has already sold in excess of 1.4 million units to date, making it one of the fastest selling Wii titles in Japan.

Wii Fit comes bundled with the Wii Balance Board, an accessory developed exclusively for the Wii console that is a pressure sensitive, wireless balance board that goes on the floor – so someone can stand on it in front of the TV.

It senses weight and shift in balance in any direction and therefore by standing on the Wii Balance Board during activities allows players to follow along to movements ensuring they have full control of the on-screen activities.

There are four training categories including Aerobic Exercises, Muscle Workouts, Yoga and Balance Games that Nintendo claim will help you (and your friends/family) to develop bodily balance control ability, burn fat in the body, help tone and condition muscles, as well as help increase aerobic stamina.

Within those categories there are over 40 different activities such as Hula Hoop, Ski Jump, Press-up Challenge, Rhythm Boxing, Rowing Squat, Lunge and classic Yoga poses such as Half Moon, Tree and Crocodile Twist.