The Nintendo Wii Fit is on its way and now so it another hotely anticipated addition to the Wii line-up.

Nintendo has confirmed that Mario Kart Wii will be launched across Europe on 11 April.

Mario Kart Wii is to come bundled with a new accessory - the Wii Wheel, "which makes it one of the most accessible Mario Kart games to date and allows complete novices to compete with ease and comfort, ensuring no one is left in the dust", says Hexus Gaming.

There will, however, be a total of five different control options: Wheel, Wii Remote turned on its side, Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination, Classic Controller and the Nintendo GameCube controller.

Gamers will be able to race against 11 players simultaneously worldwide using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

Other features include 16 new tracks in addition to 16 classic tracks from previous Mario Kart games.

For the first time ever, players can opt to race karts as well as a brand new mode of transport – bikes.