The Wii's Virtual Console is expanding its catalogue, this time with the addition of a new games format altogether from the ghost of gaming past.

Later this year, Wii owners will be able to enjoy classic titles from what Guinness says is the best selling personal computer of all time, the Commodore 64.

These titles join classic gems from the likes of Nintendo, SEGA, Turbografx and NEOGEO already available via the Wii Shop Channel.

A PR bod for Nintendo Europe said: "We are extremely pleased to be working with Commodore Gaming to provide even more retro hits for Wii owners to choose from on Virtual Console".

"With over 184 classic titles now available to enjoy, Virtual Console on Wii is a great way for users to access a breadth of classic retro games."

The first titles, for 500 Wii points each, will be International Karate and Uridium. More titles from the C64 vault will be added regularly.