With over five million Nintendo Wiis sold in the UK any peripherals makers have got a really decent install base to start from.

That's what A4T must be thinking as they launch 4Gamers' officially licensed 2.1 Speaker System for Wii into Blighty.

The 2.1 system - that has apparently been in development for nearly 2 years - will allow Wii-ers to enjoy their gaming experience in two-and-a-bit channel stereo sound.

Designed to compliment the Wii console, the subwoofer claims to provide deep and responsive bass, which combined with the satellite speakers, produces 30 Watts (RMS) output.

And, if you want to stick the system right next to your TV, you can, the magnetically shielded wooden subwoofer cabinet prevents magnetic radiation from speaker magnets causing distortion to your television.

All functions (including bass and treble) can be remotely controlled to a distance of up to seven metres while pressing the "3D audio mode" button promises to take you "inside the game and the music".

The system will cost £69.99, availability and stockist info is all TBC.