Following reports in the national press that Brits were "flocking" to France in order to nab a Nintendo Wii, it seems that online retailer also has stock.

The Mirror ran a recent story on the British day-trip Christmas shopping invasion in which they quoted a Micromania spokesman saying: "English interest is phenomenal".

The reason for Nintendo's console not being so hard to find in France is apparently due to our Gallic cousins not buying into the motion-sensing system, rather than supply chain inequalities.

The hard to find console, that is hitting highs of a grand on eBay, has been out of stock in most large retailers in the UK all this month, leading to Buzz-Lightyear-style despair for parents. shows the Wii as currently in stock, but runs a warning saying that due to fast changing stock levels this situation may change, although with 3 to 7 days shipping time for the UK, hopeful buyers may be better off hopping on a ferry after all.