Nintendo has announced that not content with getting your brain into shape it is now going to do the same with your eyesight.

Based on the fact that we only use around 50% of our eyes potential, Nintendo is launching the new game on 23 November in the UK and US.

Called Sight Training or Flash Focus in America gamers will complete a series of sight training exercises that aim to improve your sight.

The new game works in the same way the company's Brain Train games work and help train your visual senses.

"You can't improve reading letters on a chart, but you can make you eyes work better", said Gail Stephenson - head of orthoptics at Liverpool University at the launch of the game in central London.

The game, which full name is; Sight Training: Enjoy Exercising and Relaxing Your Eyes launches on the Nintendo DS across Europe on 23rd November 2007.

Created under the supervision of Dr Hisao Ishigaki, a leader in the field of visual training for athletes and professor at the Aichi Institute of Technology, Sight Training concentrates on five aspects of vision: Hand-Eye Co-ordination, Peripheral Vision, Eye Movement, Momentary Vision and Dynamic Visual Acuity. Sight Training provides fun and simple exercises which help train these visual abilities.

When the in game "Eye Age score" has been calculated, a regular training programme is proposed with the aim of creating an overall balance of "Focus Ability". Sight Training contains a variety of "Focus Ability" and "Sports Training" exercises that stimulate the five aspects of vision.

For example Dynamic Visual Acuity, the ability to clearly see moving objects, can be exercised through Box Track in which a dot is placed under one of three boxes, with the user having to track where it has moved to. Momentary Vision, the ability to process a lot of information at once, is exercised with games like Circle Spot, where the player has to spot a circle among other shapes from an image flashed up for a few seconds. Other exercises include C Count for Eye Movement, Fast Match for Peripheral Vision and Number Tap for Hand-Eye Co-ordination.

Following each training session, results will be recorded and a stamp issued for that day in the in-built calendar, allowing a user’s to track their progress.