Logitech has announced the Classic Keyboard 200, a full-sized USB keyboard that's compatible with the Nintendo Wii.

Bruce Lancaster, vice president of Logitech's gaming business unit, said: "Now consumers can enjoy the advantages of having a keyboard to help them manage their Wii Message Board and enter text in the Wii Internet Channel".

Ready for immediate use, the plug-and-play Classic Keyboard 200 offers the advantages of a compact form factor and low-profile keys.

Designed for use in the living room, the Classic Keyboard 200 features a spill-resistant design with a carefully designed drainage system prevents the hardware from being damaged - under most circumstances.

The Classic Keyboard 200 will work with Wii systems that have been updated to the latest Wii Menu, version 3.1. Users can perform this update by selecting the "Wii System Update" button in the Wii Settings menu.

The Logitech Classic Keyboard 200 is expected to be available in Europe and the US in November, no pricing revealed.