Don't worry, it's not expected to be a hardware refresh (even though there's folk that would like to see some new Wii features, namely DVD playback ability and a high-def picture) but a new Christmas bundle.

In order to get things moving for the season the American like to call the "holidays" (although as Nintendo's still strong figures show, it's not exactly make-or-break for them), it seems a new deal will be offered.

The reports state that the second Wii console is currently being called "New Pack" and is expected to be sent out to retailers soon.

Specualtion suggests that it's likely that the pack will see Wii Sports either dropped as the bundled title, or another title added too (we vote for Super Paper Mario), or the pack could include one of the new official Nintendo Wiimote accessories, such as the Zapper, and a title relevant to the peripheral.

More exciting is the suggestion, and this is definitely straying into wild rumour territory, that a new colour of console could be introduced, with black leading the pack as the likely shade.