Thrustmaster has launched two new Wii accessory kits, the T-Wireless NW game pad for retro gamers and the T-Mega Pack, a five-piece starter kit.

With more and more games retro games and golden oldies available for the Wii, Thrustmaster has created the T-Wireless NW game pad, the first programmable and vibrating wireless gamepad specially designed to let users to play Virtual Console and GameCube as well as Wii games.

The 2.4GHz wireless tech provides a 10-metre range and it's fully programmable thanks to the "Mapping" function which allows users to reassign all buttons, ministicks and the D-pad.

"Slow" and "Turbo" functions should help Wii-ers kick the competition's proverbial while rubber coated handles and joysticks mean a better, more comfortable grip.

The T-Mega Pack, aimed at those new to the Wii who want a one-stop solution for starter accessories includes a white go-kart style wheel with a sporty rubber grip, a pair of white silicone protective covers for the Wii controllers and a white lacquered recharging base for a Wii Remote and a Nunchuk.

The T-Wireless NW will be £19.99 and the T-Mega Pack will be £29.99.