Nintendo HQ in Japan has registered patents that may give gamers a clue as to what we can expect from their off-the-wall new console, as well as the handheld DS, in the near future.

The gaming co has registered concepts for a "contest channel", something called "Nintedo Magic", a Body Controller, Mii Audition, the Wii Handle and renewed trademarks for Pikmin.

Ninty spurts Nintedic has gone through the patents with a fine tooth comb and provides some speculation as to what each might be.

They say that the Mii Contest Channel is perhaps a "no-brainer" and will possibly relate to the "Check Mii Out" channel that was announced during Nintendo’s E3 conference earlier on this year. Gamers can compare Mii avatars enter themselves in contests.

Nintendo Magic is no mystery - it's a magician simulation title for the Nintendo DS that was released in Japan in November last year. It's apparently due to launch outside Japan in November this year.

The Wii Body Controller could possible be the already announced fitness-accessory, the "Wii Balance Board", but apparently this name has not been formally confirmed so could be called the Body Controller when launched.

Alternatively, Nintendo could have an even wackier concept in the works for a controller that you wear on your body that registers your entire body movements.

Mii Audition is presumed to be another extension of the Mii channel and related offerings, while the Wii Handle could possibly be a device to make the Wii more portable?

That, or controller with handle-esque properties, although we're not sure we'd be that into a game that makes you lug stuff around.

The renewal of the Pikmin trademark obviously suggests that Nintendo is planning to bring the little critters back - but for the Wii? The DS?

The last patent has left everyone scratching their heads: it's just called "Soma Bringer". A quick Google shows Soma is a medicinal plant, a 3D puzzle game (that's more likely) as well as, of course, the name of a character from the Castlevania games. Who knows?