The T-Pack "Only for Boys" consists of a DS Lite carrying case enclosed in a parachute-style fabric in khaki tones.

It features a pocket for storing mobile phones or MP3 players that attaches either to the cross-over shoulder strap or clips to the player’s belt.

Ready to endure wear and tear, the bag is made from sturdy, rainproof fabric and the shoulder strap buckles are metal, like the zipper.

It comes with a behind-the-neck stereo headset and a unique fastener designed for MP3 players.

The T-Pack "Only for Boys" bag will hold the DS Lite - allowing the user to play without removing the console from the bag – but there’s even room for another console or a digital camera.

On the inside of the bag you’ll find four pockets for games, one for the stylus, extra padding and a removable partition.

Completing the pack, a USB charging cable and a khaki replacement stylus are also included.

The T-Pack "Only for Boys" for DS Lite is £22.99.

The "Only for Girls" range offers the T-Jean Bag 2, a stone-washed denim handbag with a pink leather trim, shoulder strap, zipper and metal snap hooks.

It features storage compartments that can hold up to six games and two styluses, in addition to the DS Lite console.

Similar to the T-Jean Bag 2, the T-Pack 2 DS Lite Girl Pink includes the leather and denim handbag, a shoulder strap, a USB charging cable, two screen protection films, two styluses, four dustproof protection kits and eight decals.

The T-Pack "Only for Girls" for DS Lite will be available in September for £14.99, the T-Jean Bag 2 "Only for Girls" for DS Lite will be £9.99.