Despite Microsoft's Xbox 360 having over a year's lead on the Nintendo Wii, the Wii is rapidly approaching the Xbox's sales tally.

Sales statistics from VG Chartrz put the Xbox 360's total units sold so far worldwide at 10.32 million, with the Wii creeping up behind at 10.10 million.

VG Chartz sales info comes from over-the-counter sales data from a selection of retailers around the world.

All stats can be skewed, but this news is perhaps unsurprising if you've followed the monthly reports of how well the Wii is selling across the world.

So where is the PS3 in these figures? Hovering just over the 4 million mark.

Reports from the States suggested that sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 soared dramatically after the recent $100 price cut was announced which may not be taken into account here.

Microsoft has since lowered the price of the entire range of Xbox 360 models too, so it would be interesting to see if this boosts the 360's lead give them a bit a breathing space from the motion-sensing console's onward march.