Following the news that Nintendo had patented a design for a motion-sensing handheld gaming device, it looks as if they launched a DS add-on that fits that brief in Japan.

Nintendo has launched something called DS Slide Controller that appears to integrate some of the motion-sensing features as laid out in the recent patent.

When the Slide Controller is hooked up to a DS Lite it gives the handheld controller motion-sensing abilities.

The three main motions it can translate to on-screen actions are a circular motion that initiates a "power-up" action, zigzagging movements that would let you avoid obstacles or navigate through mazes, and a rapid jerks to attack opponents.

The Slide Controller comes with a puzzle game called "MagKid, Slide Adventure" that, in typical bonkers Nintendo style, lets users repair a robot.

Multiplayer options are also available for the new controller with up to four DS users able to compete.

The Slide Controller costs 5800 Yen (around £25) no word as yet as to whether this will see a release outside of Japan, but fingers crossed...