Seven-year-old girls love their Nintendo DS more than any of their other possessions, according to a "favourite things" survey carried out by Gogoblin.

With apparently little interest shown in gaming from ages 4 to 6 - when boys are discovering hand held gaming devices - at age seven the Nintendo DS suddenly bursts onto the scene as their favourite toy - preferred by 26%.

From the age of seven, hand-held consoles take the top spot and go more or less unchallenged until they hit the teenage years.

By 13, girls value music and friends above everything, and their favourite things become iPods (22%), mobile phones (17%) and computers (13%).

Boy's fave things at the age of seven are split between electronics, construction games and toys, and sports.

By the time they become teenagers, boys are into their games consoles in a major way, 40% of boys love their PS2, Xbox or their Nintendo Wii best of all.

The folks behind the survey, Gogoblin is the only site of its kind, that lets children to create lists of the specific toys and games they want for any special occasion, giving parents and friends some much needed guidance.