Games mag Edge has revealed the best videogame of all time, and it's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The decision was to crown the Nintendo 64 title the best ever was made after several rounds of voting from a cross section of peeps.

Thousands of Edge readers has their say, then industry insiders whittled down the results and added their tuppence-worth, then the Edge team had the final veto.

Editor-in-chief, Tony Mott, told the BBC: "If you were new to video games and were going to go out and buy 100 games to make an instant collection, then these would be the games to buy".

He added: "Ocarina of Time is nearly 10 years old, but its position at the top slot in Edge's 100 Best Videogames shows that great game design does not age".

"In visual terms, it obviously cannot compete with today's Xbox 360 and PS3 productions, but, as with many classics, its appeal is about so much more than its appearance."

Edge's 100 Best Videogames is available to peruse now, in a 260-page special edition of the mag, on sale in shops today.